apollinaris water

mineral water

After Saint Apollinaris, the first bishop of Ravenna (c. 200). A beautiful basilica was built in 549 on his tomb in Ravenna near the harbor. In 1164 some of his relics ended up in the Apollinaris monastery of Remagen, near Bonn. July 23 is his feast day.
Apollinaris as mineral water is a brand name.

The winegrower Georg Kreuzberg from the town of Ahrweiler was annoyed that his vineyards had a place where the vines did not really want to grow. In 1852 he discovered a water vein that led to a source that was remarkably rich in minerals and also contained natural carbon dioxide.

He uncovered the spring and gave the water the name of Saint Apollinaris, of whom there was a statue nearby. Kreuzberg was a good businessman and in 1873 he exported this water to London, where it received a red triangle as a quality mark.

It still adorns all Apollinaris bottles today. The trademark has been protected since 1892. The source is not that far from Remagen.