bad weather

autumnal, rainy weather

To Saint Bavo of Ghent (†654 or 655). Sint-Bavo is the patron of the dioceses of Ghent and Haarlem. St Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent is dedicated to him. Bavo is said to have been a nobleman from Haspengouw, who was converted by Sint-Amandus.

After the death of his wife, he retired as a hermit to a hollow tree near Maastricht. Later he became a monk in the Blandijnberg monastery in Ghent. He is depicted with a sword and a falcon on his fist, as a sign of his noble descent.

His image can be seen above the portal of Sint-Baafs in Ghent.

He is invoked against whooping cough.

The first of October, his feast day, used to be one of the due dates of rents and rents and therefore an important date for farmers in Flanders. A bamis market was then held in some places. So October was the base month. Bamis was also a popular word for "autumn" at the time.

Hence also: bad weather,
bamisrain, bamiswind, bamisplums.